Which Former B2K Member Is About To Be A Daddy?!

One of the B2K boy's is having a baby and you will never believe who it is!

Well, well, isn't this a surprise! Maybach O is about to be a DADDY...LOL! The 29-year-old singer revealed the big news on Valentine's Day via Instagram and Twitter.

We know some of you are thinking, "What the hell is going on?!" However, Omarion has been seriously dating a girl named Apryl for a while now and the two couldn't be more excited about their new blessing!  Apryl even took to her own Instagram to let everyone know that she is beyond excited to be bringing a new "king" into the world! cute!

Is it just us or is everyone getting pregnant or married?! We really must be getting old...LOL! Sheesh it seems like only yesterday we were watching B2K at the Scream Tour and now they are grown and having kids! Time is flying! Congratulations to the couple!

Side SASS: Omarion released the first single "You Like It" off his new album Sex Playlist due out this summer! Check it out below!

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