Ask The Gay Bestie Presents: For All The Single Ladies!

Do you have that one friend that just can't find a man to save her life?! Are you that friend?! No matter what happens in your life, one thing that you are sure of is your relationship status...SINGLE! You're a great catch, but for some reason you keep attracting all the wrong guys?! Well your prayers have been answered LOL! The Gay Bestie is here to give you some Uncensored and Unconditional tips like only he can! Check it out! 

Ask The Gay Bestie:
I have been single for quite some time now and it seems like I just keep attracting the wrong men. Either they have some sneaky ulterior motive or I'm not attracted to them. The ones that I do want aren't as sure as I am about a potential relationship as I am. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong! I'm a smart, attractive and ambitious young lady. Do you have any advice for me????  

The Gay Bestie:

Your Intentions:

You want a guy that’s going to be there for you and honest. The kind of guy you can commit to and befriend while in a relationship. He’ll have a charm about him that gets you weak in the knees similar to what SWV sang about in the 90’s. Girl, I swear I’m right there with you. It all seems so simple, but then reality sets in and guys are a lot different than the movies and love songs.

His Intentions:

Guys are creatures that are trying to label you and categorize you from the get-go. Are you the kind of girl who sleeps around? Are you trying to marry him? Are you the type that wants to change him? Are you crazy? Are you a gold-digger? Are you the kind of woman who he can introduce to his mom? He wants to see the truth underneath the make up and the initial persona you’re giving off to the world. Most importantly he want to sleep with you.

Don’t Kill His Vibe:

Clearly, he’s attracted to you and wants to sleep with you, but don’t let him know your plans with him yet. This is by far tacky. Disclosing such information is not cool. Always keep him guessing until the moment you’re ready to head to that next step. Definitely, discuss the health logistics if need be; but when, where, and how should be a mystery until it happens.

How to strategize:

Best way to get to know any guy is actually dating him. Our generation is so fast paced with everything that we think love works the same way. It’s almost like we treat it like an app on our smartphones. Do you really think an app is going tell you if he is the one? No matter how advance technology gets love works on it own time. You’re simply going to have to take time in seeing who he really is. The next guy you come across kill all expectations, any hopes, and simply try to see his truth with no judgment. Really take the time to see him angry, happy, sad, and get a sense of his character before even mentioning a relationship. The way to do that is building a friendship first. Stop looking for the one and allow yourself to stumble across him. We spend too much time looking that we end up OVERLOOKING. He may not be right under your nose, but focusing on a criteria or expectation can blind your view.

Still stick to core attributes and sexual attraction because no matter what they say both are imperative. For example, if you want a man who is kind, funny, and can provide make no apologies about that. Simply make sure you’re offering what you’re asking for. Yeah, I said it. If you want a man to provide and be charming give him the same in return in doses. Don’t play the role of his wife from the first date. I’ve seen countless times when women have given so much of themselves to a man who’s undeserving. When you’re dating just date, when you’re a girlfriend be a girlfriend, and when you’re a wife be his wife.

Where to look:

If you’re picking him up in the club think again not the ideal place to meet someone. No matter who we think we are in the club we aren’t our actual selves. For example, that short dress, twerking, and excessive alcohol intake isn’t quite you on Monday morning. As we know first impressions are long lasting, so it’s important to know where you’re meeting him. I urge casual atmospheres like a happy hour bar setting, Saturday run/walk in the park, the gym, or even the grocery store. These minor everyday activities open up an unexpected and authentic meeting.

Get your mind right and understand that you don’t need a man, but want a man. The sense of needing something or someone comes across as desperate. Like you said you’re smart, attractive, and confident so don’t forget it. Take your time and apply these new ways of dating men. Switch it up a bit and you’ll get new results. I promise. Men are a puzzle and I confess I’ve made my mistake, but I’ll fill you in as much as I can!

Give in doses; he has to earn you!


The SASS x  The Gay Bestie

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