B SASSY With Motives Cosmetics!

You know Team SASS is all about entrepreneurship and supporting  anybody we can...including ourselves! One half of The SASS, Brittany, is now a franchise owner of Motives Cosmetics! That's right! Not only can you visit The SASS for the latest fashion and entertainment news, now you can come here and place your order to keep up with the latest beauty trends too! 
Of course we all know about Motives for LaLa, but Motives Cosmetics has been around for quite sometime! The cosmetic line was first introduced by Market America in 1997 and re-introduced in 2009 as Motives by Loren Ridinger. Market America is an online marketing and product brokerage company that distributes a variety of products across a number of markets. In 2012, the cosmetic line expanded and added Motives for LaLa! 

Ok! Enough history for one day LOL...Let's talk business! This is YOUR chance to B SASSY With Motives Cosmetics! Whether you're going out for a night on the town with your girls or a date night with your boo, Brittany can definitely get you the products to create that look you've been dying to try! She has it all! Lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, nail polish and can get it all! 

Seriously Motives has it all! Why not come to The SASS to get your daily dose of fashion, beauty, and entertainment news AND get your favorite makeup products?! 

Make sure you check out for all of your makeup needs! Feel free to email Brittany as well at for information on orders and deliveries! 

Side SASS: How hot is that purple lipstick?! It's from the Motives for LaLa line and it's called Divine. You better get yours today! We have ours and we love it!! 


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