Beautiful Ora: Rita Ora Covers Paper Magazine

Got damn! Rita Ora looks amazing on the new cover of Paper Magazine! The singer is literally taking over the world with her music, endorsement deals, and acting skills! Now Rita has her eyes set on conquering something else! What is it you ask?! Rita wants to take her superstar status international and into American territory! Can she do it?! We think so! 

In the article the singer talks working with Prince, her goals, and her plans for world domination!

On her love of fashion and performing at an early age:

"I was always messing around. I had everything at my beck and call in my mom's room, so I was playing dress-up all the time and putting on shows. My mom would tell me to shut up, and I would never shut up."

On her mother being her role model:

"Yeah she is. She's very influential human being. She's friendly, fun, and very honest. And she kind of came from nothing. She had so much shit going on in her life but now she's a doctor and also knows how to have fun. She's never backed down from anything. I mean she's a mom, she's a wife, she's a doctor...She is. Everything. She's major."

On what her goals are:

"I would love to win a Grammy one day. And I want to go to India, China, and Egypt. Places I would have never gone before. I want to live the world through music and perform for people. Music is so fucking fun and it connects people. And in all honesty, I never want to stop doing this. I would go on tour for the rest of my life if I could. So I don't think I've reached anything yet. I've got about 15 more years of goals to achieve."

On how she stays humble in the entertainment industry:

"I think it comes back down to your morals and how you envision yourself and your goals and where you want to be when you're 70 years old. Every one's different and everyone reacts differently, but I think that if you always keep good people around you then surely someone can remind you who you were before you did any of this."

On her relationship with Jay Z:

"Now we're at a place where I've grown up a little bit; it's been two years since my last album. When I met him I was 17, and I am 23 now, so he's watched me grow and now it's about me having my own opinion and making my own decisions, which he understands. It's more of a brother-sister relationship really. He really cares about me and it's nice to see a boss who also really wants you to succeed and he's really doing everything in his power to make this perfect."

On her plans to dominate the American music market:

"Conquering America for a UK artist is incredible because that's what everybody wants and dreams about. And I guess it's the same for the US acts; they'd like to crack the UK. The accomplishment is dominating a market which you aren't familiar with. So yeah, I am a bit nervous. I am a bit scared, I'll be honest, but I am so fuckin' excited because the tour we're doing is going to be so fucking massive. I just can't wait for it because we have so much more to play with now. The first tour was obviously just me and the band and I was new and now I'm new again, but in another part of the world and we have dancers and loads of decorations and things you've never seen before. I don't want to give too much away but it's like a completely different planet."

On working with her boyfriend Calvin Harris:

"It's easier actually, because you're in a comfortable environment but also you get a little bit shy. I got a little bit shy during our first musical bonding because he's seen me in everything else but he hadn't seen me in my work mode. So I was a bit shy at first, but not anymore. Now it's fine."

On working with Prince:

"Yeah, we did a few tracks together. I flew to Minneapolis and went to Paisley Park, which is like his iconic studios and we just made music. I was there for a week. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life."

Side SASS: Just in case you wanted to know what her boo Calvin Harris looked like...LOL!

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