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If you are like The SASS then one of your dreams is to raid your favorite celebrity's closet. Can you imagine getting a sneak peak into Beyonce, Tiny Harris, or Angela Simmons' closet?! What if we told you that this is possible?! Say hello to Ashley Davis because she's about to give you that opportunity and much more! She owns and operates Celebrity Closet! An online luxury resell boutique that specializes in celebrity clothing, socialite clothing, and most importantly making a difference in the world! 

How did you come up with the idea for Celebrity Closet:

"It came to me in a dream back when I was in college, and I didn't execute it until this year. I just graduated in May and I just asked Tiny [ rapper T.I.'s wife and former member of the girl group Xscape] if she would want to do it and she was really interested in it. She told to make it into a legit business and I will be your first client.  That kind of pushed me to do it."

How did you meet Tiny Harris:

"I met her publicist through Instagram, social media! They just really liked the idea and how it could help charity. Social media works! "

What type of items do you sell on Celebrity Closet:

"My main focus is celebrities but we just started selling socialite clothing too. We recently started selling DayyBella' [ATL socialite] clothing, and we are actually about to pickup a new socialite. I don't know if I can say who it is yet because we haven't signed contracts but another one is coming. 

Tiffany from The SASS: Stay Tuned [laughter]

So stay tuned! I'm trying to work on socialites especially here in Atlanta because there are so many of them and everybody has great fashion and huge closets so I'm trying to get all the socialites here in Atlanta."

When did your love for fashion begin:

"I don't know [laughing]! I guess when I was little girl dressing up Barbies..I guess. I got into high fashion when I got into high school. I went to a really upitty rich high school so everybody had designer things at young ages. I couldn't afford it then but I like fell in love."

Who's you favorite designer:

I would have to say Chanel is my favorite. I mean it classic and it never goes out of style. Never going to go out of style. People can pull Chanel bags from way back when and it will still be fashionable. Definitely Chanel. As far as contemporary, Helmut Lang!  I really, really, really like his clothes. They're really contemporary, sexy, and chic. 

Who is one person that you really want to work with:

"OMG! I have a few. Number one, I really want to work with Michelle Obama. I feel like that would just be the ultimate closet. We could definitely do some great things with charity. I know that would be like a charitable type of closet. I also really want to work with Beyonce of course. Her fashion is amazing and she just seems like an amazing person. I also want to work with Kim Kardashian. She already sells her clothes through Ebay and she actually started out this way too. She would clean out celebrity closets and sell their clothes. She's kind of like my inspiration. "

If you had to choose one power couple [ shoe and purse combination] that you had to wear for the rest of your life,what would it be?

"I guess you can't go wrong with Christian Louboutin and a Chanel bag. If you had to wear it forever [laughter]! Those are classics."

What bag do you think every girl should have?

"A Louis Vuttion bag. They are just classic and everybody can't afford a Chanel bag that's obvious . I don't even have a Chanel bag and that's my favorite designer. Everybody should have a Louis Vuttion bag.  They never go out of style and they kind of stayed the same. So it never looks like you have an outdated bag. Plus they go with everything, especially the Damier."

We were watching your Louis Vuittion Speedy Bag Authentication Video on YouTube and it had some great info. Is weird now when you look at other people's bag?

Now I can spot a fake bag anywhere. It's kind of annoying [laughs]

Are you going to expand and authenticate other brands as well?

 I actually do want to have a brand authentication business. It would be a good and easy money maker because you can actually do it just from pictures. There is also a business that I go through sometimes and they do it for  me for seven dollars. It seems easy and it's helpful, because everyone has consignment shops but nobody can really tell a bag from a picture and people are buying fake stuff. It's really unfortunate. So I want to start a little department of authentication where I could just do it on line. 

What piece of clothing do you think every woman should own?

"It really depends on the season but I would say blazers. Different blazers but at least a black blazer. Maybe a leather blazer.  You can wear it on top of anything and dress it up. Obviously heels [laughter]! What girl doesn't already have heels?"

Brittany from The SASS: You would be surprised [Laughter] 

"I would say a nice designer belt too. If you're trying to get a quick outfit together then a nice moshino belt or hermes belt would definitely pull it together quickly. Let's see...nice designer belt, heels, and a cute blazer. You can get really dressed up with those three things. "

How do you go about picking pieces from celebrities wardrobes?

"I go to their homes and I pick out what they already set aside. I never try to pick something that's not put aside [laughter]. Usually they already have stuff set aside that they want to give away and I go through it. I try to pick the best stuff, but  now I'm actually getting more strict on what I pick. I want to be kind of, I don't want to say bougie, but I want to make sure I have the highest designers. I mean BCBG is okay but I want it to be a place where you can get really nice designer stuff for really good prices. So I am being more selective now. Most of the time I try to authenticate it there too, but if I can't I just take it home and authenticate it and I also price it. Then, they decide if they like my prices and we sign contracts. "

So what separates Celebrity Closet from other consignment shops?

"I am so happy I got this question. There are so many consignment shops out there now, because when I first started there really weren't that many consignment shops out there. People weren't even shopping at consignment stores. I always did but I didn't feel like there were a lot of people that did. I think what separates us obviously is the celebrity factor. Just putting a name and a face with the cosigned clothes. You know? It's not just some Louis Vuttion bag, it's this persons Louis Vuittion bag. So I feel like that separates us. Also, the charitable aspect. I encourage everybody to donate to charity and give them an option to do 10% to 100%. So it's not like you're straining or like you have to donate everything. So the flexibility of the charity sets us apart. "

Do you only want to cosign women's clothes:

"I have men's. I know I only have like three things on there right now, but I really do want to expand into a mens collection too. I do have children's! I don't have anything up right now, but I do want to sell children's clothes as well. I just don't know anyone with's crazy [ laughter]. I do sell mens clothes and children's clothes. I do want to start selling memorabilia. Like sports memorabilia and big things that we could auction."

Can non-celebrities and non-socialites cosign with you as well?

"It's not only celebrities at all. I just have sections for celebrities and socialites. They have their own separate pages and everything. Then I have a women's category where I have people who have cosigned. Of course we don't say their names but yeah anybody can cosign. I think it's an incentive for them to cosign because their stuff is next to celebrities. "

How do they contact you to cosign:

"On my website I actually have a little consignment form they can fill out. Or you can email me at"

Where do you see celebrity closet in 5 years: 

"I just hope celebrity closet is a go to consignment store...more than a consignment store. Like I just want to step outside of the box of consignment and not just say these are worn clothes. I want to drop this is my spring collection. Even though it is like from prior collections of designers obviously, I want to give it that high fashion feel. I just want it to be a go to for celebrities. I just want them to call me up like "hey can you cosign this?". Instead of me reaching out to them. That's just where I hope I am. I just hope I have cosigned every celebrity on my vision board. I just hope in 5 years I could have been able to cosign all of there stuff. "

What makes you BOLD, CLASSY, & Oh So SASSY?

"I think what makes me BOLD is I don't take no for an answer. I just really push to get what I want, especially when it comes to my business. I definitely think I'm BOLD. CLASSY...I try to be classy and keep it classy. I don't want to be ratchet ever [laughter]. I think I am considered CLASSY. SASSY...everybody I know will probably say you're so SASSY. Just my attitude and my confidence. I feel it gives that SASS."

Did you go to school for fashion?

"No. I should have went to school for fashion but of course my parents would not allow that. I went to school for communications and media studies. I really wanted to work in television and I did.I use to work on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta and a show on BOUNCE TV. I worked in it for a little while and then I decided I have connections from here and I can start my own business. This is like my first passion."

Brittany from The SASS: Fashion?

"Yes, fashion is my first passion"

Do you miss working on tv or no?

"Not at all. I mean sometimes I wish I was still working there to meet people but I like working for myself. TV is a lot. It's long, long, long days. This is long days too but for something for myself. I reap all the benefits."

Tiffany from The SASS: and you love it!

"Yeah. You can't even tell"

Tiffany from The SASSWe were talking about that earlier. When you do stuff you're really passionate about it's not work. 

"Yeah...that's what you want to do. You don't want to do something you're not passionate about and getting up every morning hating it. The check is not worth it. It's not. "

Has social media been your favorite tool when starting Celebrity Closet?

"Yes. Definitely. I haven't spent any money on advertising. It has all came through Instagram. I want to use other stuff now because I want to expand into tv and magazines. "

Do you think being in Atlanta really helped you start your business:

"I don't know. I really don't know because would think this is the perfect place to start a business. I mean it is a perfect place to start a business but I don't know if everybody here is up on consignment as other places. But now everybody has a consignment store so maybe they are. At first I didn't  think everybody was into it, especially the guys. They are not into consignment. Even getting them to sell their clothes is like weird here. I feel like places like DC  have millions of consignment stores with store fronts and LA and NY. Those are big places for consignment.  I know Atlanta is a great place to network  because it's a lot of people to meet here. I guess it's good on the celebrity aspect."

Do you have anything else you want to tell our readers:

"Here in Atlanta I am doing a prom giveaway. Where I am going to choose 4 to 5 girls to give a prom dress to provided by Celebrity Closet. I am also going to have their hair and makeup done. They will also have a personal photographer to accompany them to their photo party or just them getting ready with their date. I am going to post all the information. Basically all they have to do to enter is write a paragraph explaining why the deserve it and I will pick four."

You can shout out your Instagram, Twitter, or how to get in contact with you:

"My instagram is @shopcelebritycloset. My Twitter is @shopcelebcloset and the website is "

Side SASS: Watch this super informative video bought to you by Celebrity Closet on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag!

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