Kyla Pratt Talks Marriage, Kids, & Sextexting On The Hot 97 Morning Show

Kyla Pratt is letting the whole world know that she's a GROWN WOMAN and she can do whatever the hell she wants! In her recent interview with The HOT 97 morning show she reveled that YES she has two kids, NO she's not marrying her baby daddy anytime soon, and she DOESN'T tolerate being cheated on!  Now who going check her boo?! 

On if her family is pressuring her to get married:

"Oh no, family is cool as long as we keep our communication open, we're good raising our kids. as long as me and him are good that's all that matters."

On her thoughts about marriage:

"Marriage is a lot of pressure...I don't want to rush into marriage and people are like, 'Oh you need to be married!' and the next thing you know, we rushed into something and now we're getting a divorce and the kids are stressed."

On how long her and her boyfriend have been together:

"Almost 6 years"

On how she would feel if her boyfriend sexting someone else:

"Oh hell nah. absolutely not. If I see it we're going to have a problem, he knows I'm crazy and I know he's crazy. That's why we got an understanding here "

On why it's important for dudes to answer the phone when their girl calls:

"If we had issues in the past and you don't answer your phone, you could be on the toilet for all I know, but I sitting here like, 'Oh my GOD! I know his ass is with [someone else], and this is what he's doing and I just know it! So now I'm creating stuff in my brain. Why even do all that? Why even have to make me have to go there."

Watch the full interview below:

Side SASS: Fellas y'all better listen to Kyla and answer those phones...LOL!

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