Ray J Makes Another Sex Tape?!

Brandy please come get your little brother...LOL! Ray J is back to his old tricks again...literally! It has been confirmed by TMZ that Ray J has another sex tape! However,  you will never in a million years guess who his co-star is this time around! 

A new video has surfaced of Ray J getting down with a older blonde woman! OMG is that?! Our eyes are  not playing tricks on us! That is definitely old ass Joan Rivers on camera AND in the bed with Ray-J with no clothes on! No she knows she is too old for this! Isn't she somebody's grandmother?! What in the world is really going on?! Apparently, these two have linked up for a hilarious skit for Joan Rivers hit WeTV show "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?." 

In the skit, the pair spoof Ray J's infamous home video with Kim Kardashian. However, this time Ray J gets a woman that is three times the woman that Kim will ever be...LOL (at least according to Joan)! We literally can't stop laughing. Can you imagine if these too really got down and dirty....yuck! 

Now y'all know Ray J loves himself some older women. He probably slipped Joan his number after they finished...LOL! And even though it was fake it looked like Joan enjoyed herself A LOT! We wouldn't be surprised if three months from now these two were actually dating. We would be creeped out but definitely not surprised! 

Watch the hilarious clip below:

Side SASS: We know for a fact that Kim is probably somewhere irritated as hell right now...LOL! 


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