She Get It From Her Father: Ciara & Dad Dance To Future's New Music

We always wondered where Ciara got her amazing dance moves from and now we officially have the answer! 

This week Ciara and her father, Carlton Harris, dropped the cutest dance videos on Instagram! The pregnant 28-year-old singer (who looks like she could pop any day) kept it real cute and gangsta with her daddy as they swagged out to Future's new song "Move That Dope." Ciara might be in her third trimester but she's still dropping it low and reminding everyone she ain't lost it...LOL! She is definitely enjoying her pregnancy and having fun!!

 These videos are absolutely adorable and Ciara is so cute pregnant! We know that Future must have been all smiles when this video came through his phone. Especially seeing his soon to be wife and father-in-law rapping and partying to his new single! 

Side SASS: Check out Daddy Harris in his socks though...LOL!  

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