|SOLE MATE| PUMA x Solange Girls of Blaze Disc Collection

Solange is bringing her super cute and eclectic style to the PUMA brand as a creative consultant to their Women's Lifestyle category! We see you Solange...LOL! Her first order of business is adding her dash of SASS to the classic PUMA Disk Blaze sneaker and introducing the "Girls of Blaze Disc Collection."

These sneakers scream Solonge! They are unique, colorful, and BOLD! Just like her! The shoes were inspired by the sights and sounds of Brazil and we can definitely tell! We just want to grab a pair and go chill on the beach! For the creative design Solonge linked up with New York City artist Hisham Baroocha, Gerlan Jeans, and Williams Okpo

The shoes are $150 and will be sold at Nordstrom Online, Urban Outfitters, and Open Ceremony! We are definitely here for them!! We have a weak spot for sneakers and these are so cute and super comfy (we recently tried them on...LOL). However, we are trying to be on our best behavior when it comes to spending! What do you think about the sneakers?! Do y'all like them or nah?! 

PUMA x Girls of Blaze "Burlap Rainbow" Running Sneakers ($150)...HERE!

PUMA x Girls of Blaze "Tire Disc" Running Sneakers ($150)...HERE!

PUMA x Girls of Blaze "Rainforest" Running Sneakers ($150)...HERE!

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