"Beat" To Death: Porsha Williams Mug Shot Released

In the words of Jay Z, " How can somethin' so gangsta be so pretty in pictures." Don't let the cute face fool you! Porsha Williams will definitely slap a chick and she has the mug shot and police record to prove it! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has gotten herself into a little bit of trouble with the FEDS thanks to beating the breaks off of  Ms. Twirl herself, Keny Moore.

Yesterday, the reality star turned herself into Fulton County Jail due to a warrant for an assault charge. Now why would sweet little Porsha have a warrant out for her arrest?! Allegedly she dragged, yanked, and literally snatched Kenya Moore across the floor at the recent taping of the reunion special for RHOA. Yes, baby Porsha apparently was sick of Kenya popping off at the mouth and literally snapped on her. However, don't cry for Porsha! She was in jail for all of five minutes before she posted bail and bounced!  Porsha definitely went home and slept peacefully now that she has given life to her story line and secured her spot for next season. 

The tables have definitely turned because last season Porsha was the one talking about filing lawsuits if Kenya touched her while Kenya was talking about having those "hands" since she was from Detroit *side eye.* Either way all this drama has us literally counting down the days until the reunion airs.Now we know it's not cute for grown women to be fighting on national television and acting all crazy, but sometimes people go to far and it's hard to look over the little things they do to provoke you. After watching that preview of the reunion, Kenya was definitely on a hundred and needed to be humbled...LOL! No really! 

Now let's get back to this super cute mug shot! This is by far the most glamorous and flawless mug shot in history! We just feel like before she went to turn herself in she was listening to "Flawless***" by Beyonce and telling her makeup team to make sure she looked super beat...LOL! Hey girl, hey!

Watch the preview of the reunion below:

Do you think Porsha had a right to snap or should she have held her composure? 

Side SASS: Catch a replay of Porsha & Kenya's first fight from last season!

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