|THE GAY BESTIE| Are You Worth It?

We all get to a point where we feel overwhelmed and just flat out confused! The Gay Bestie definitely hit home with this one! Check out his latest entry inside!

Are You Worth It?

I can attest to the struggle of time management for sure. Who would have thought that we are now in the fourth month of the New Year? Nuts. At the start of the year many of us made promises to ourselves to either lose weight, eat better, be daring, or find love. If you’re anything like me then you had a strong start and may have veered away a little, but still have your vision insight. Don’t lose that vision and get yourself right back on it. Tell people your vision and where you want to be. I swear it makes you accountable for what you promised to yourself.

We spend so much time doing everything for everyone else and place ourselves on the back burner constantly. Whether it’s school, work, the side job, or kids somehow last on the list is usually you. Let me just say that’s not fair. It’s imperative to put yourself first. If you’re not taken care of who else is going to do it and if you’re not 100% then kiss good bye to it all. As many of us know the journey of life sends whispers to us all in different ways, so you deserve that moment to exhale. Take it whenever you can.

Being overwhelmed is a common feeling for myself that I’m trying to balance. I admit it’s hard not to when there are so many things that have to be done and bills to be paid. What helps is remembering why I started and whom I can help at the end of the day. We weren’t given this opportunity of life to be the bare minimum. The opportunity was given to experience the journey to destiny. Along the way I’ve noticed that reaching destiny is a choice rather than a destination we are all owed. Ask yourself today do you deserve your destiny? 

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