|NEW MUSIC| Jagged Edge - "HOPE"

 JAGGED EDGE IS BACK!!!! Can you tell we're excited...LOL?! 

This is beyond over due! After 14 long years the R&B group is back with a new single entitled "HOPE." The smooth ballad is definitely what R&B needs right now! Fan's won't be disappointed at all! The fellas followed the same blueprint that made them R&B superstars and we definitely aren't mad at it! What blueprint is that you ask?! Well lets see...a tender beat, romantic lyrics, and four men who can sing!!! This same blue print got them a double platinum album, numerous number one singles, and helped millions of men propose to their girlfriends! They got it...LOL!

Listen Below

We are so excited! We love their music! Plus they have linked back up with Jermaine Dupri, so we know for sure that this new album will be epic! They sound so good on this song. We definitely can't wait to hear J.E. Heartbreak Too this fall!

Side SASS: We don't know about y'all but after listening to this we definitely turned on some old Jagged Edge ( I Gotta Be, Walked Right Outta Heaven, and Promise). Oh! Don't think we forgot about "Let's Get Married" either! 

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