|NEW MUSIC| Nicki Minaj ft. Soulja Boy- "Yasss Bish"

Yasss Bish...Yasss!!! Nicki Minaj is definitely on a roll with her new music!! Last night the rapper linked up with Soulja Boy (who also produced the song) to release a new track entitled "Yasss Bish," and we have been jamming ever since!

Nicki definitely has a hit on her hands. No really! As soon as the beat drops and you hear Soulja Boy screaming "Yasss Bish" just like in his Vine videos you instantly start partying.  On her verse Nicki kills it per usual and drops some big news for her fans. What news is that?! Well she's dropping a single in two weeks, The Pink Print  won't be an album it will be a movie (visual album maybe?), and last but not least she's the new Queen Bee of rap (oh man...LOL)!  

Get your life below:

If this song is a preview of what we can expect on her new album The Pink Print, we definitely can't wait to hear it.

Side SASS: Can we get an amen for Pennsatucky from “Orange Is The New Black” as the single artwork? Amazing.

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