|NEW VIDEO| Usher - "Good Kisser"

Usher is back y'all!! The R&B singer is ready to take over the summer with the visual for his new single "Good Kisser."

Pucker up!! Usher is all about the power of the kiss in his new video! The visual is sexy, sleek, and smooth! It's Usher! What did you expect...LOL?! Whats crazy is he doesn't look a day over 21 and still can give these young R&B guys a run for their money in the dance department.  The song is funky but still delivers that Usher seduction that we all know and love! We can definitely see people blasting this the entire summer!

It's about time that he put out some new music. It's only been about a million years since he released an album and honestly we can't wait to hear his eighth album! In the meantime enjoy the visual for "Good Kisser" below!

Side SASS: Ladies make sure you keep that lipstick poppin'  at all times! You never know who's watching! 

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