Yeezy Taught Her: Kim Kardashian Goes On Twitter Rant About Wedding

Kim Kardashian is over all the rumors about her upcoming wedding with Kanye West! No really, it's crazy! Everyday it's something different and Kim is fed up! So in order to set the record straight she decided to follow in her future husband's foot steps and go on a Twitter rant.

After hearing rumor after rumor, Kim decided to let her 21 million Twitter followers in on the real deal about her big day. We are kind of shocked that she even spoke out at all. Usually she doesn't even pay attention to the rumors, but apparently Kanye is rubbing off on her more and more! He's probably the one who hyped her up to do it...LOL! 

We can't believe they aren't going to film the wedding! Sad face! We know for a fact that it's going to be amazing and we had our hearts set on watching it. Thanks a lot Kanye...LOL! Her last wedding was so beautiful. We can only imagine what this one will be like, especially since Kayne is so hands on with everything. Hopefully they change their mind or share lots and lots of photos. Either way we are so happy for them. 

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