You Goin' Learn Today: Mike Epps Starts Beef With Kevin Hart AGAIN!!

"Noooo...we wasn't ready!!!" The Internet went crazy yesterday when comedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps decided to go in on each other with ANOTHER Twitter beef! 

Yesterday, Mike Epps did an interview with K104’s Dede in the Morning Show. During the interview Mike was asked who he thought was the most overrated comedian was at the moment (messy)! Apparently, Mike didn't feel like being politically correct and said just who was on his mind. That person just so happen to be Kevin Hart. Drama! He went on to say that, "In this business right here, sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent. This business is not about being funny.” Shade, shade, and more shade!  Kevin Hart got wind of the comments and started to go in on Mike Epps via Twitter and all comedic hell broke loose! However, first he had to let Mike Epps know that they were not even on the same level!

We just don't get it. Why don't these two like each other?! Maybe it's jealousy or maybe it's something else! We think they are both hilarious and there is room for both of them in this business!  Just think about if they did a movie together. Do you know how epic it would be?! It would be freaking hilarious! Both men need to put on their big boy draws and talk about their issues! Word to the wise: cut the beef and start cutting those checks together fellas! 

Side SASS: Listen to the interview that caused all this drama in the first place below!

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