Are You Serious?! Stevie J Gets Arrested For Back Child Support

Messy, messy, messy! Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J was arrested on Tuesday for failure to pay $1 million dollars in back child support. Dang homie!

According to TMZ, "Here's what landed Stevie J behind bars. He and his live in girlfriend (Carol Bennett) had a kid in 1997 and 1998. In 1999 Stevie was ordered to pay around $6,600 a month in child support, which eventually was raised to $850,000. According to the criminal complaint, Stevie J stopped paying in 2001-- he's never paid a cent since then. So now the tab is a whopping $1, 107,412. Cops nabbed Stevie J in Georgia" 

Watch the self proclaimed "Good Guy" get arrested below:

 $1 million dollars though?! Come on Stevie...get it together!! You can't be on television stunting and then bail on child support. You know the feds and your baby mothers are watching. Hopefully, Stevie can pay the balance and be done with it but we highly doubt that will happen. So he better step up his club appearances or ask Mona Scott Young for a little loan. If not, he will be sitting in jail for a while and nobody wants to see a Love & Hip-Hop: Jail Edition!

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