Blue Ivy's Hair Sparks Online Petition

Listen, we have all seen the picture above with Jay, Bey and Blue. We have all also seen the millions of other pictures of the family and heard all of the complaints about Blue Ivy's hair. Well, we guess people are just fed up with they way Beyonce and Jay Z are letting their child walk around and have decided to do something about it. 
The petition, with 1,783 supporters and only 717 needed, reads:

Can we first start off by saying how ridiculous this is?! So what you don't like the way her hair is, you are not her parents, nor does your opinion matter. Ok her hair may need some moisturizer or something, but that's really not our place to say! Blue Ivy is a child and the way that she is being attacked is terrible. Trust us, Jay and Bey really don't give one penny what you think of how they are raising their child. Did it ever occur that maybe she just woke up and got off of her private jet? Yes PRIVATE JET! Or maybe she just came back from her mother's island that was purchased by her father! 

Point is, this baby needs to be left alone. There is no need to continue to attack an innocent child. She probably has more hair than some of the people complaining LOL (ALL SHADE)! We may not all like how this baby looks, but I can promise you her nor her parents really could care less! Let them live and continue to raise THEIR child the best way they see fit. 

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