Chris Brown Finally Released From Jail

They finally freed our man Breezy *insert emoji praise hands*

According to TMZ, Chris Brown is finally a free man! The singer was released from a Los Angles County jail early this morning. Welcome home Breezy!! Despite, being sentenced on May 9th to 131 days in jail, Breezy got his prayers answered and was released after only serving 108 days (he was credited 59 days for time he already spent behind bars and 116 for his rehab sentence)! Can you say blessed?! As soon as Breezy was free he took to Twitter to show his fans and supporters his gratitude:

We hope this experience was a wake up call for Chris! We definitely want to see him win, so we hope he just stays out of trouble and gives us some new music! That's all we ask for! Plus, he still has to be on his best behavior because he has that case in Washington, D.C. for assault still pending. Nevertheless, we wish Chris Brown nothing but positivity and happiness as he moves on to the next chapter in his life! 

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