What If Uzo Aduba Played Every Role On Orange Is The New Black?!

We literally couldn't imagine anybody else  in the world playing the role of beloved Crazy Eyes on Orange Is The New Black besides actress Uzo Aduba! However, have you ever thought about if the actress didn't get the part? Or what if she played another character? Well thanks to we get a quick glimpse of what it would be like and baby it's hilarious!

In the audition tape Uzo uses her amazing acting skills to portray PiperPoussey, and other characters from the show. Yet, no matter what she does all we can see is Crazy Eyes! However, her take on Poussey and Taystee will have you in tears! 

In a recent interview on the Today Show, the actress revealed that she didn't audition for the role of Crazy Eyes but another character. However, after the casting directors saw her audition tape they instantly knew she was Crazy Eyes. We are so glad that the casting directors saw something in Uzo that screamed Crazy Eyes because it was truly a match made in casting heaven! 

Side SASS: If you missed season 2 of Orange Is The New Black catch it HERE! 

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