|NEW VIDEO| Nicki Minaj - "Anaconda"

It's definitely a happy HUMP day thanks to Nicki Minaj!! After teasing fans for weeks with video clips and photos, the rapper finally released the bootylicious video for her new single "Anaconda."

Nicki is definitely serving up some major CAKE, CAKE, CAKE in this visual. Seriously she has every type of booty...stallion, donkey, real and fake...LOL!! With Sir Mix Alot's "Baby Got Back" sample on the hook and Nicki's assets on full display this video is everything we thought it would ode to BIG BUTTS!! Duh...LOL!!! Nicki is literally dropping it low, twerking, and busting it wide open on Drake, in the jungle, and even in a workout room! We know one thing for sure Nicki will definitely be everyone's #WCW (woman crush wednesday) after they see this! 

Watch the visual below but you might want to be careful if you are at work!

Side SASS: Drake is hilarious! Did you see his face after the lap dance?! Priceless!

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