President Obama Raps Fancy By Iggy Azalea

President Obama had the whole country going crazy this morning when word got around that there was a video of him rapping Iggy Azalea's hit single "Fancy" word for word.

Everyone knows that President Obama is the coolest President to ever reside in the White House but who knew he was so fancy! Apparently, some very creative people over at the YouTube channel  “Baracksdubs” pieced together some of President Obama's old speeches to match the lyrics to "Fancy" perfectly! This video is hilarious and will have you in tears! We already watched it like a million times! It's crazy what people can do with technology and time! We know for sure Iggy is somewhere in the world getting her life while Sasha and Malia Obama are somewhere embarrassed...LOL! Now we only have one question after watching this video. Does President Obama really know the words to Fancy? We doubt it but who knows he might...LOL!

Watch the hilarious visual below:

Side SASS: Whoever made this video should make more using other songs! We would love to see President Obama do a Jay Z song...LOL!

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