Tia Mowry Blast Instagram Commenters Over Son's Natural Hair Style

Tia Mowry does not play when it comes to her child! The actress recently had to check a few "internet thugs" after they had one too many comments about her son's hair.

A few days ago Tia posted a couple pics of her out and about with her adorable three year old son, Cree. Within seconds her mentions were going off! Not because Cree is uber adorable, but because of the way his hair was styled.  Instead of him having the usual low cut or bush he rocked not one but two super stylish top knots (which we love by the way). Everyone had an opinion on it. Some people thought it was too feminine and others thought he should just get a hair cut. 

After one too many comments Tia decided to give everyone a piece of her mind in the most classiest way possible. Which we totally agree with. Do you know how ridiculous these adults look commenting on a child's hairstyle? People are getting way too comfortable popping off about celebrity children. Remember the petition about Blue Ivy's hair? So what you don't like the way his hair is, you are not his parents, nor does your opinion matter.  Instead of worrying about him worry about your own child or better yet your EDGES! Deep down inside we know it's just jealousy! That three year old has more hair  on his head than half the people in her comment section so we know they feel some type of way...LOL! We like the top knots and we hope she keeps them in just to piss y'all off! 

Side SASS: We wonder what type of products she uses because we need our top knot to be laid like that! 


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