What Will Lebron & Savannah Name Their First Daughter?!

Watch out world Princess James is on her way and with a name fit for royalty!! 

Lebron James and his wife Savannah are super excited about the impending birth of their first daughter! The couple is literally counting down the days until she makes her grand entrance.  However, in the meantime Lebron decided to surprise his wife with the ultimate "push gift," a trip to Greece! How amazing is that?! Kudos to him!

While on vacation, Lebron couldn't hold back his excitement for his daughter anymore. He was so caught up in the yachts, good food, and his beautiful wife that he slipped up and revealed the baby's name. The couple will name their first daughter Zhuri James!  Zuhri (usually spelled Z-U-R-I) is Swahili for beautiful. The couple added an extra dash of SASS and spelled it with a "h." That name is absolutely perfect for their first little princess! We can already tell that little Zhuri will have Lebron wrapped around her finger!  We are so excited for them! We can't wait to see how beautiful Princess Zhuri James is! 

Side SASS: First Tamar gets a 15 carat diamond ring and now Savannah is chilling in Greece! These push gifts are getting bigger and better! Can we get one without actually pushing?! Serious question though...LOL!

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