How Did Jay Z Wish Beyoncé A Happy Birthday?!

We all know that yesterday was "B-Day" better known as Beyoncé's 33rd birthday! Fans, celebrities, and even Michelle Obama sent their birthday wishes to King Bey! However, the birthday message from her husband is the one everyone can't stop talking about!

Why are they so freaking adorable?! The 33 second (in honor of her turning 33) tribute was so cute and definitely showed off Beyoncé's personality! We absolutely love that he used two of our favorite songs "Beach Is Better" and "Grown Woman" as the soundtrack because those songs are so appropriate for Bey's 33rd birthday. Jay Z ended the video on the cutest note ever with his signature "Yeah B" ad-lib!  This is by far the sweetest birthday message we have seen! Oh, just in case you’re wondering this isn't the only surprise that Jay Z had for Beyonce on her birthday! The couple and Princess Blue hopped on a private jet to Corsica, France to continue the celebration! Now that's the way you celebrate your birthday!  We hope Bey had an amazing birthday because she definitely deserves it!

Side SASS: Is that Miss Tina and Mama Carter?! How cute!

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