Michelle Williams Opens Up To The Breakfast Club About Blue Ivy's Hair, Gospel Music, and Keyshia Cole Feud

Michelle Williams recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote her new album "Journey To Freedom." During the interview the singer opened up about everything, literally! She talked about if she's jealous of Beyonce, jokes about Blue Ivy's hair, and what really happened between her and Keyshia Cole!

On Keyshia Cole:

"She was never my friend, but she’s a woman and there’s respect there. So a long time ago, the Soul Train Awards was on and there was a lot going on my timeline that someone used auto tune on their microphone. I didn't know who so I was like ‘Really? You can use auto tune on your mic?!’ and that was literally what it was. I hadn’t seen it, still haven’t seen her performance. Then loads of people replying back saying ‘Oh my god! You going in on Keyshia Cole!’ So I deleted the tweet because I didn't know who it was at the time. So no, I did not personally attack so I deleted that because I don’t do that on social media"

On jokes about Blue Ivy's hair:

"I just feel like we worry about the wrong thing. You’re worried about someone else and how they want to decide to let their child wear their hair natural. We talked about this at church on Sunday. We have to be good stewards over our time. You spend your time worried about someone else problems or issues"

On people saying her album isn't gospel enough:

"What is music supposed to sound like? What is gospel supposed to sound like? I made the mistake on my first record. I was told that I have to “sound gospel”– and these kids don’t want to hear that. I think the message is gospel, not necessarily the sound."

On not being jealous of Beyonce:

"I wouldn't say jealous. What is for me is definitely for me. I can say I've never been jealous because I don’t think I've had the same pressure. Kelly grew up and is a founding member of Destiny’s Child. I think people have had that same expectation. I think they can always tell you I've always been comfortable in my lane. I’m happy with where I’m going. I’m happy about having longevity."

On if she's the next member of Destiny Child to get pregnant:

"I don’t know. I don’t know if I would make a good mom. I’m a little selfish. I don’t want to wake up. It’s 18 year of nurturing somebody."

Check out the full interview below

Side SASS: We love how honest and real Michelle was throughout her interview! 

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