Rihanna Is Giving The World Chills In Tush Magazine

The calm before the storm or nah?! Rihanna is slaying life right now! Hands down! Every single picture in her latest spread for Tush Magazine is F L A W L E S S!

It's no secret that Rihanna is constantly changing her look and pushing the envelope, but the transformation she did for this shoot is iconic! That grey hair and her face were a match made in heaven. She's giving us Storm from X-Men with a dash of ice queen and we are definitely here for it! Are we really surprised though?! It's Rihanna...she looks good in any and everything!  Nadia Rath did a incredible job with styling this shoot and Gomillion & Leupold definitely captured the fearless fashionista in Rihanna that we all know and love! Our fingers are crossed that she takes this look and uses it for her new album because it is everything.

Any who, we wonder how many girls will be running to their stylist to achieve that Rihanna grey? Will you go grey this fall?! Let us know!

Side SASS: We definitely think the X-Men producers need to call up Rihanna! She would be the perfect Storm

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