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If you know anything about The SASS, then you know how much we absolutely LOVE Angela Simmons! Her style, creativity, everything just gives us more life than we can handle sometimes! This month, the young designer and philanthropist is the cover girl for Rolling Out Magazine! 
In this issue of the magazine, Simmons dishes on her latest projects, family, fitness, and of course fashion!

What does family mean to you?

Family is really everything. It’s important to be close to your family. Sometimes family may not be your family, family [i.e., relatives by blood]. A lot of time, people choose friends as their family because they’re always around and impact you the most. I feel, once you reach 17 years old and you’re in high school, your friends are who you’re hearing and dressing like. So I do feel like friends play a major role when it comes to [defining] your family.

How cool is it to be an auntie to baby Ava?

Yes. I am an auntie. She is getting so big. She lives on the West Coast. Whenever I get time off, I am like, I am in L.A. She’s my first niece, very near and dear to my heart. I love babies. The fact that my big sister had a baby is like whoa.


Your skin is absolutely beautiful and flawless; what is your diet like?

My diet is comprised of salads and vegetables. My guilty pleasures are pasta and New York City pizza. I eat healthy. My go-to foods are arugula and avocado salad. My breakfast is egg whites scrambled with spinach.

What is your beauty regimen?

When my makeup artist, Angel, isn’t traveling with me, I will wear my signature [which] is a red lip, mascara, blush and maybe some bronzer if you’re lucky, a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I am really simple. I comb my hair, but I am not good at doing hair. Those two things, I am not that great at.

What is your fitness regimen? I hear you like boxing.

I try to workout everyday. If I don’t get to the gym over a three-day time period, I am pretty cranky. I have to workout a lot. It’s a part of my day, my lifestyle. It goes hand-in-hand with my meetings. I wake up, workout and eat. It’s a part of me. It’s not something I do because I want to be buffed. It’s my lifestyle; it feels good. I feel good. I like to be in shape and wear certain clothes. Yes, I do boxing. I also do yoga and strength training. I mix it all up. I get bored quickly so I have to mix it all up … so I throw in a few spin classes.

Now that you’re home in the fashion capital, what does your career as a fashion designer look like? 

I attended a fashion high school and graduated in fashion design. I attended FIT for a while … studied pattern making;  I’ve done it all. I have my own clothing line: Angela by Angela Simmons.
Describe the Angela collection.
My collection is ready-to-wear, New York City-inspired. I have been a part of fashion week for the past three seasons. For two seasons, I presented up-and-coming designers.
Who are your favorite designers?
I love Vivienne Westwood; shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti, I love his stuff. Valentino, Celine … I could go on and on. Also, I like to mix brands with H&M, Topshop, Zara. I am a girl who can shop anywhere. You can put me in Target and I will find an outfit and make it look good.
This just made us love Angela so much more! It made us want to hit the gym a little harder too LOL! Have you seen her on Instagram?! Be sure to check out the full interview  HERE! 

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